Do You Really Need To Sleep With A Top Sheet? The Answer, Once And For All.

Before writing this, I had no idea just how divisive the top sheet vs no top sheet debate was – you either fall into one camp or the other, and chances are, you’ll vehemently defend your use of a top sheet (or lack thereof).

Top sheet devotees say it keeps the comforter or quilt clean, while those of us who refuse to use one find it to be nothing more than a useless addition that provides no extra warmth and makes it take longer to make the bed. So once and for all, which is better? And should you sleep under a quilt or a duvet?

It turns out that top sheet or no topsheet, it all comes down to what you sleep with on top. If you typically use a thinner quilt with no removable cover that can be washed separately, you’re definitely going to want to use a top sheet. Since a quilt can’t be washed frequently, a top sheet will keep it clean and stop it from directly touching your body while you sleep. On the other hand, if you use a duvet insert with a removable cover, feel free to ditch the top sheet – simply wash your duvet cover as often as you wash your bed’s fitted sheet.

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This Jewelry Brand Called Out Ivanka Trump After She Tried To Buy An Ear Cuff

Ivanka Trump was doing some online shopping and decided to order this gold plated ear cuff from indie jewelry brand Lady Grey. The founders, Jill Martinelli and Sabine Le Guyader, sent Ivanka her order (TG!) along with a personal note:

Lucy Lawless and Liz Friedman on the Xena reboot

xena warrior princess 003 StoryImage Lucy Lawless and Liz Friedman on the Xena reboot

If you’re queer and were tuned in between 1995 and 2001, you’ll most likely remember Xena: Warrior Princess. 


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4 Things Every Girl With Fine Hair Should Do Immediately

I have incredibly fine hair and have learned over the years what to do to make the best out of my situation: I wash it regularly (or else it looks greasy AF), blow dry it upside (to get some volume in to the root), and only condition the ends.

Over the years, my stylist Dayna Goldstein of Ted Gibson Salon has shared some pretty great tips for managing my hair. They’re so good, in fact, that I just had to share them with my fellow fine-haired girls. Here are Dayna’s gems:

Get the right haircut. Before we get to upkeep, let’s start with the cut. Dayna warns, “Over-layering very fine hair will only make it appear thinner and stringy. For short hair, a good style is one with some graduation which builds weight to the hair, helping it to appear thicker. For long cuts, make sure the layers are on the longer side.” Make sure your stylist gives you something like this!

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7 Salad Recipes For Anyone Who Can’t Stand Lettuce

SaladsWithoutLettuce e1471542602529 7 Salad Recipes For Anyone Who Can’t Stand Lettuce
Sure, salads are a great go-to healthy lunch option – but admittedly, every time I eat one, I sort of feel like I’m eating a tree. Try as I might, but the texture and taste of lettuce is just not my thing – but that doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice salads altogether. It turns out that there are some pretty amazing lettuce-free salad recipes out there that are just as healthy and delicious.

[Photo: Le Creme De La Crumb]

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How To Remember What You Were Saying When You Lose Your Train Of Thought

We’ve all been there: You’re on a roll telling your friend a story or talking to your boss when suddenly, for no reason at all, you lose your train of thought. As seriously annoying as it can be, there are ways to make yourself remember in a flash – below is your how-to guide.

Don’t freak

If you’re giving a presentation or speaking to someone important like your boss, it’s easy to freak if you forget – but the key here is to keep calm and carry on. Getting anxious or worried is a surefire way to cause your brain to not remember what it was you were saying in the first place. You’re much more likely to remember if you calmly make a joke about being forgetful or laugh it off until you get back on track.

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5 Things You Shouldn’t Do Right Before Taking Wedding Pics

weddingParty 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do Right Before Taking Wedding Pics
Wedding photos are something that will last a lifetime, so it’s important that they look picture perfect. Make sure your album is up to par by avoiding these five mistakes right before the photographer starts snapping.

[Photo: Ryan Ray Photo]

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