Floral Fashion: Go Bold With Gorgeous Prints and Daring Leathers

Florals can be bold and assertive without evoking wistful mushiness. Go beyond lovely with gorgeous prints and daring leathers.

FloralFashionOutfit Floral Fashion: Go Bold With Gorgeous Prints and Daring Leathers

1. Charter Club ensemble by Macy’s. Long cardigan, $ 79.50. Tie-neck floral blouse, $ 69.50. Slim-fit ankle pants, $ 89.50

FloralFashionBoot Floral Fashion: Go Bold With Gorgeous Prints and Daring Leathers

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Grey’s Anatomy star comes out

sara r StoryImage Grey’s Anatomy star comes out

Former Grey’s Anatomy star Sara Ramirez came out as bisexual during a speech she gave at a charity event in Los Angeles on Saturday.


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The Zoo Goes Boo

by Bri Kilroy

For 22 years, John Ball Zoo has celebrated the spooky and magical month of October by inviting everyone to a Halloween event like no other. The zoo that transports us through the diverse wildlife habitats of the world within a 31-acre space is being transformed into a Halloween wonderland, just in time for trick-or-treating as the Zoo Goes Boo in Grand Rapids.

During the last two weekends in October, zoo-goers move through the zoo, which is covered in over the top decorations that create Halloween scenes starring your favorite eerie icons like ghosts and scarecrows. Inflatable characters are scattered throughout the curving paths of John Ball, adding legends like Godzilla, the Headless Horseman and a witch to the exotic beasts that already dwell in the zoo throughout the season.

“Having this event at the zoo is special and it’s great for families,” Krys Bylund, John Ball Zoo’s marketing manager, said. “Zoo Goes Boo gives kids a chance to test out their costumes and their ‘trick-or-treat’ expertise in a fun, outdoor and safe environment.”

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How To Wand Your Hair Without Getting Burned

Does anyone use curling irons anymore? Unless you are aiming for pageant curls or want to rock an throwback look from the 80s, curling irons are pretty obsolete these days. The styling tool has pretty much been replaced by curling wands. And it’s no surprise why: curling wands give you light, bouncy waves while curling irons make you look like Shirley Temple. Not to mention, the clamps on a curling iron make unsightly kinks in your hair. The only problem with curling wands? They can be dangerous if you don’t know how to use them properly.

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I’m not exaggerating when I say I have multiple battle scars from my first few attempts to use a curling wand. I also had a lot of questions: How do you wrap your hair around the wand without getting burnt? How long do I have to hold the curl for it to set? Do you need to use that stupid little glove that the curling wand came with? It took some trial and error, but I finally mastered the art of the curling wand. If you want to avoid getting burnt and skip right to flawless curls, follow these steps:

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Find Out What Your Favorite Type Of Cheese Says About You

Cheese makes people feel some type of way. Within the group of us who love it, there are loyalties to which type is the BEST. Maybe you’re a Brie or bust type of gal or never fail to melt mozzarella all over everything. If you’ve got a favorite cheese, that says something about your personality–find out what it means below!

Cheese Shefinds Logo white Find Out What Your Favorite Type Of Cheese Says About You

A) Brie

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Once And For All, Are Makeup Wipes Better Or Worse Than Facial Cleanser?

Makeup wipes and facial cleansers seem to be in a constant battle for the prize of becoming your number one must-have skincare product. While wipes are so darn easy–they require not a drop of water and can be stored on your nightstand for a quick pre-bed cleanse–we can’t help but wonder whether we should rely on them for all of our skin-cleansing needs. Is one superior to the other?

Turns out there are pros and cons to using both makeup wipes and facial cleansers–and your best bet has more to do with the type of cleanser or wipe you’re using, says Dr. Fayne Frey, a dermatologist and the creator of FryFace.

“The purpose of all facial cleansers and makeup cleansing cloths is to clean the skin (remove dirt and makeup), remove bacteria from the skin surface, and cause minimal damage to the skin’s superficial layer of epidermis, the stratum corner–the layer responsible for keeping the skin hydrated,” Frey says. “All cleansers work by either chemical action, by physical action (friction) or by some combination of the two.”

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Wine, Women & Chocolate

by Bri Kilroy

The big holiday season is a little over a month away, but that’s not stopping the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) from inviting you to eat, drink and be merry at their annual Wine, Women & Chocolate event.

The feast of delights starts as soon as guests enter the Cheney Place at 1600 Monroe Ave. Tables throughout the 10,000 square foot space are coated with edibles, choreographed in such beautiful arrangements that you almost hesitate delving into the masterpiece.

Hesitation never outlasts the appetite for extraordinary hors d’oeuvres provided by West Michigan Catering or the artisan chocolates provided by Mokaya Chocolates. As the event’s title suggests, WRC ensures your sweet teeth are satisfied while introducing new surprises to the mix. Furniture City Creamery is serving some of their most coveted and unique flavors from their ever-rotating ice cream menu.

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